Trying to lose weight? Make sure you aren’t consuming these foods otherwise you could be RUINING your weight loss goals!

We all know that the food we consume directly affects our body and the way it is going to change whether it is for better or worse.

In order to keep ourselves as healthy as possible, we try to eat a healthy diet.

Preferably one we can stick to forever if we care about the way we look.

On the other hand, if you think you have a couple of extra pounds then you need to make a weight loss plan.

So if you are planning on making a weight loss plan for yourself here’s a list of the worst foods for weight loss you need to avoid.

  1. Sweetened Drinks

Sweetened drinks like sodas are also among one of the worst foods for weight loss.

They are on this list because they are filled with added sugars and sweeteners that are very unhealthy and have the opposite effect of weight loss.

Research has shown that consuming a single 355ml can of soda each day can lead to 15 pounds of weight gain in a year!

Furthermore, soda drinks are corrosive for your stomach.

Even drinking one glass a day increases the chances by 50% for metabolic syndromes like increased blood sugar, increased blood pressure, increased levels of fat in the blood and very low levels of cholesterol.

2. White Bread

The reason why white bread itself is on this list is that it’s completely out of any useful nutrients.

It doesn’t contain fiber because it’s not made of whole wheat and all of the calories consumed are from simple carbohydrates which turn into fat.

It also contains a lot of salt and large quantities of sodium are terrible for your body and can cause high blood pressure.

Because of the simple carbohydrates, refined sugar and preservatives in white bread, it will only make you gain extra weight.

Being able to balance the consumption of white bread is good but even better if you can completely avoid it.

Try whole-wheat bread instead.

3. Candy

Firstly, most candy contains saturated fat which causes a rise in cholesterol levels which leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

There are about 9 grams of calories in each gram of fat.

Ideally, your daily fat consumption should be around 44 to 77 grams of fat per day and one candy bar contains at least 11 grams of saturated.

So, there’s a big chance that combined with other foods during the day you’ll exceed your daily limit.

Candy is also high in sugar and having sugar in any diet plan will lead to weight gain and poor nutrition overall, especially if you’re replacing meals that could actually have good nutrients.

Lastly, since candy has a lot of calories it’s safe to say that if you’re constantly eating candy then your daily calorie consumption will exceed the amount you need for weight loss and you’ll gain weight instead

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is actually a diuretic and because of this the more alcohol you drink the more you put your body at risk of dehydration.

Since hydration is very important, especially if you’re an active individual, you have to be very careful with the quantity of alcohol you introduce to your system.

When it comes to the impact on the metabolism, the liver takes the main role in dealing with alcohol, trying to neutralize and help your body get rid of it as fast and as easy as possible.

All of this is bad for your entire body because the liver plays a major role in helping with food processing and if we constantly drown it with alcohol it won’t be able to function as it’s supposed to.

5. Ice cream

I think we can all agree that ice cream is extremely delicious but at the same time, it’s also quite unhealthy because it’s high in calories and most ice creams are also high in added or processed sugars.

Of course, eating a small portion is fine from time to time, but the fact that you can eat a lot of it in one sitting poses a problem.

If you can’t live without eating ice cream, consider making one yourself but try using less added sugars and healthier ingredients.